“You had to be there” photo-sharing

A group of friends and I wanted to create an app that our non-technical friends would use at school. We wanted to build something people would use at parties, sports games, and restaurants.

I always found myself sharing photos from parties the night before with my fraternity brothers the next morning.

These photos, however, didn’t necessarily belong on my camera roll, because I might never choose to look at them again or have them take up valuable memory on my phone. But the memories were important.

Experiencing a photo taken at a certain location, when you are actually at that location, is interesting and makes that photo more meaningful and relevant.

Marko is a “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” app.

All content is public. You take a picture or leave a note on Marko and that ‘mark’ is locked to that location and viewable only by other users, once they are at that location.

Giving text and photos equal weight

I wanted to weigh text and pictures equally in the capture UI so the app wouldn’t push users one way or another. I also wanted to keep the app simple and make the action of ‘leaving a mark’ doable in two taps, as these photos and texts were supposed to be a little more raw and resemble quick thoughts or moments at locations.

Facebook friends

I was curious as to whether public content or content from friends would be more interesting to the user. I thought both were and when launching, there would not be enough content from just your Facebook friends, so both were included.

The Marko team. From left: Spencer Schoeben, Amadou Crookes, Nathaniel Hajian, and Gabe Jacobs.