Helping friends get together and hangout, from the browser.

Group Dinners & Events App

For HackMIT, some friends and I set out to create an app to assist in arranging group dinners and hangouts. Often, in organizing these group activities, no one is ever on time.

Friends’ ETA’s are helpful

Dozens of text messages questioning “Where are you?,” “What’s your ETA?,” “Should I get a table?,” or “When will you be here?” are parried back and forth.

People can’t always find eachother

Furthermore, friends would often call and ask again for the location of where we were meeting.

After quickly prototyping the above app, we re-thought through the UX and figured:

1. Nobody would download an app JUST to do this (“Find My Friends” already exists).

2. The only person who really had a pain point was the event planner (or the first person to the meeting location).

3. People who are late aren’t going to download an app or do much of anything as they are likely rushing.

So we built it to be browser-based:

A simple web app

We found this to be a much smoother process. You use the app when you want to, and it is not necessary to download anything.

We used Twilio to do all the location sharing via texts, so the responding user simply receives a text link saying, “Josh wants to know your ETA! Share it with Josh?”

The Geofun team at HackMIT, from left: Cory Dolphin, Alex Wheeler, Tom Lehman (CTO of RapGenius), Spencer Schoeben, and Nathaniel Hajian.