Hello, I'm Nate.

I’m a product designer. I became interested in technology and design my sophomore year of college — and it’s been a pretty crazy ride since then.

Below is some of my work.

I devise, design, and launch mobile/web products.

The entire process of crafting, molding, and iterating on an idea excites me. I enjoy bringing these ideas to life with technology and design, and assembling the teams to launch them into the world. When it comes to work and experience, I enjoy being challenged and even a bit out of my league. Email me.

I’m currently a senior at Tufts University (Graduating in May 2015) majoring in political science, media studies, and studio art. When I’m not busy pondering comparative politics of the Middle East, I design apps and invest as a partner with DormRoomFund.

I spent my most recent summer as a product design intern at Facebook and prior to that, had the privilege to work with the uber creative team at Robin. I like dark beer and football.